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Contact NeckCare.org

Don’t wait until your back or neck pain becomes even more severe – contact NeckCare.org today.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team will pinpoint the root of your problem before offering a multi-faceted treatment plan.

Our neck care programs are designed not only to reduce the current pain you’re feeling, but to prevent similar pain from reoccurring in the future.

Advanced Back and Neck Care

Our professional team lead by Dr. Tymothy Flory is dedicated to providing the absolute best advanced back and neck care.

Almost 80% of people over the age of 30 years old struggle with such issues. So, rest assured that you’re not alone.

Our treatment techniques have been refined and are as effective as possible. Not only do we treat neck problems like minor strain from sleeping wrong or sitting at a desk all day, but we also treat more serious pain caused by car accidents or sports injuries.

We even treat neck pain related to issues such as ocular migraines, sinus headaches, and recovering from concussion.

How We Can Help

It’s imperative to find quality neck care as soon as you start experiencing neck pain.

We provide specialized treatment techniques to meet the needs of each patient. We understand that the needs of no two patients are exactly the same.

Our advanced back and neck pain treatments offer a comprehensive approach to pain relief, developed with long-term relief, treatment, and management in mind.

In addition to our neck care treatments, we also provide comprehensive educational resources on neck pain and can even recommend lifestyle changes to prevent future injuries and strain.

When to Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to contact us – call or email us today.

Though minor neck pain, such as strain from sleeping poorly, often goes away on its own, more serious issues must be addressed immediately.

Seek professional help as soon as possible if your neck pain is severe or lasts for several days without end. Neck pain accompanied by a headache or numbness also requires immediate attention.

No matter the severity of your problem, we’d love to help you come up with a solution.


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